Friday, October 2, 2009

Living your highest and best life today: Drop those bags!

I'm living my best life today - well that's the plan...

I am reminded of Eryka Badu's song, "Bag Lady" today and was pondering all the weight we carry around that prevent us from seeing, receiving, giving, loving, feeling, hearing, being free and ultimately living our highest, best lives today. This week was pretty significant for me. I celebrated Yom Kippur (translated the Day of Atonement), the Jewish highest holy day. It was a time of personal, introspective reflection.

I realized I was carrying a few bags too many myself and released them. The bags came in many forms – people (friends, associates and otherwise), worry about things I could and could not change and even some tangible things. But where will they go? Who will pick them up? I first started to wonder and then I was reminded of a popular Scripture from the Bible. I have some blessed Bible thumping friends who love to quote this, "...cast your cares on Him for He cares for you..." Well it did not really matter who picked them up - Jesus Buddha, Allah, the rich man, the poor man, the faceless man. Just someone else take them please.

I felt a point of vulnerability... The truth is I thought I was responsible for the bags, but I really wasn't 100% equipped to carry them. No thank you! And it happened at once. I just DROPPED THE BAGS. One second I was carrying them and the next I wasn't. Quite an exhilarating feeling... I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and from my mind. The truth is I probably should not have been carrying the bag in the first place.

This release has enabled me, at least for this day to live my highest and my best. What are you doing to live your highest and your best? Remember, no one is promised tomorrow so you may live today like it's your last.

I'm eager to get more tips...

Photographs I shot in Costa Rica that inspired me today:

Costa Rican floppy-eared cows. Serenity!

The bird chills...Not a worry in the world. Just trying to get a worm for the day. This is clearly his highest and best for the day.

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Mescha robertson said...

Living your highest and best life today!!!!!! That in itself is inspiring. As we embark upon life's challenges and circumstances, we often forget about what's important and purposeful for our own lives. We get so wrapped up in the what now's, what to do's, what's going on"s, that we forget to enjoy the little moments.

Life is so beautiful and transparent, but we can miss it all being filled with the extra influences that society has filtered out.

When was the last time you enjoyed a nice sunset and looked into the sky deeply bedded with stars so bright and intriguing....and wondered how? why? when? This is a moment we often take for granted, while dealing with the bags (as u say)that consume our time and energy.

Its time to wake up and release ourselves of the pressures of our own deep rooted dramas and live life. In living life, we learn, encompass, and enjoy our surroundings. We embrace our planet and all it has to offer, while thanking the man above for the resources he has bestowed upon us.

So often we forget that our purpose and time here here is not about us and our own happiness, but to become closer to him. Let's begin to to find ourselves by finding him and understanding our purpose. This will indeed lead us to living the best life ever.