Thursday, October 1, 2009

Future of Marketing Series: Part 2 Mandates for Marketing Organizations

o what should marketers be doing these days to stay ahead of the dynamic space.

Mandates for marketing organizations in a digital-enabled world

  • Industrialize tools and media to enable JIT marketing and decrease operational costs. Offer consumers whatever content they desire at the time they want it and in the medium in which they want to consume it.

  • Evolve from joining and creating communities within social networking to targeting the influencers of such communities as they grow their networks.

  • Understand new technological capabilities within the digital space and anticipate end user behavior and adaptation such as apps, mobile apps, widgets, augmented reality.

  • Prepare for enhanced personalization and content specialization. Consumers have become self-centered and want marketers to not only speak to them directly, but also dispay the preferences of people in their respective networks.

  • Evolve direct/email marketing to leverage social functionality and recommendations from those in the community.

  • Converge content across mediums from television to audio to web to phone.

Keep metrics and data collection fluid and dynamic so that they provide insight and direction for subsequent marketing activities. Metrics in some instances will become more important than others e.g. pull opt ins and widget downloads should be monitored more frequently. 

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