Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Losing the winter weight...Not so easy anymore

I'm five pounds over my legal weight limit and it's a complete and utter drab. Who knew it would be so hard to shed such few pounds post the 20's and now well into the 30's. I considered starving myself - not literally, but that's an idea. I would lose the weight I've taken so much pride in storing this winter.

My mom says five pounds can easily turn into ten pounds and then 15 and OMG...I can why people just throw in the towel.

Unfortunately, I LOVE food much too much. So, I've borrowed the beau's diet plan from his personal trainer reducing the caloric intake of course. I'm combining it with my regular workout regiment, which is pretty restrictive now. So here's the deal and this isn't new information.

I can eat six meals a day - including 3 snacks, mostly veggies, proteins and a few carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes and cous cous). Sounds yummy, right? Not so much especially since spaghetti with meat sauce is my absolute favorite. You get darn right tired of eating the same ole things. So we tried to incorporate new veggies I don't like - carrots, eggplant and zucchini. Still not that interested and I'm a pretty good cook - making most veggies taste wonderful.

I'm tired of watching the skinny girls on TV looking ultra fabulous in those little bikinis. I'm quite slender, but I can see how it's easy to spiral down quickly. Perhaps losing the 5 pounds in two weeks isn't so important. I should stop shoving food down my throat at every opportunity, but I love food so much.

I need new recipes. HELP! I'm hungry and just a little cranky. Metabolism seems to be picking up though and that's the ah ha. Pounds lost - a big fat zero. I'm hoping for a better outcome in a week. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll take other tips too that allow me to eat spaghetti and run less than three miles three times a week.


Anonymous said...

From one foodie to another, I must admit...losing that last unwanted 5lbs is an issue (10 for me, Arghh!). But you spelled it out correctly, eating less of that favorite dish (which is probably prepared healthy anyway but eat more fish), cutting out the breads and sweets (who in their right mind would want to do that?), accelerating your metabolism, running more and doing some additional high impact cardio will cause you to loose that 5 lbs in 2 weeks and you'll be bloging about something else in no time. Keep me posted on your 5 because I'm agonizing over my 10!!!

Ingrid said...

Why lose weight just to gain it again! Its all so short-term and unrealistic. Why can't we just have monthly lipo? You go to do your hair, manicure, pedicure and then go get the fat sucked out. Forget these other majors..I am going to tell my college aged daughter how to figure out inventing the "fat-sucker" for $99.99 per month. She will be richer than Bill Gates!

Mike Bennett II said...

I love food too. I love cooking too. I love having folks over and talking, eating and repeating this too. So therefore, I enroll in 3 spin classes for a hour each..each week...I will let you know if I reach my goal of shedding 15 in the next 60 days...I am a realist:)

Della said...

Now you know I've fought the weight issue since I gave birth, but recently I've discovered tea and yoga. I've got a long way to go.

Power yoga (Ashtanga vinyasa) hits areas you didn't realize you missed, and detox tea really makes me feel refreshed. As for exercise, I'd suggest variety over consistency. Your muscles have memory, so they save your motions and just press play. If you do something different then your muscles have to work a little bit harder in order to save the new motion.