Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30 Something and Counting. Learning Something New Daily.

I've decided to document my obsessions and thoughts about being an educated, professional, black, single female. I hope you enjoy the Chronicles - not sure what you will get these days. I tend to go from feeling extremely focused to simply crazy and erratic.

Today, I woke up feeling inspired about all the possibilities of life...I have a a myriad of work deadlines I will tackle today and check off the list. Gold star for me. But beyond how I fund my fabulous life and it is quite fabulous not to gloat, I've decided that I should learn something new each day and that truly is the goal. I need to learn something that is valuable and fruitful each day. I've decided to brush up on my language skills and even tackle a new one - Spanish. Anyone interested sending me tips on how to expand my conversational Spanish vocabulary?

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