Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Michael Vick - Vick-tim, PETA & Public Example of Just Another Black Man in Jail

I was astonished, well not really, by the amount of coverage on Michael Vick's federal sentencing of 23 months in jail for his involvement in dogfighting. I respect and honor good and speedy journalism, but I started wondering about the real implications of Michael Vick's incarceration. I present my collection of thoughts on the topic. Yes, I have an opinion just like the rest of you.:-).

What are the implications for the sports community, the NFL, the Falcons and Atlanta? Undoubtedly, the NFL may no longer make as much money since it has lost quite a valuable asset. That's what the business person in me says. The Falcons have certainly felt the impact of this gentleman's absence. Fewer games won, empty seats in the dome and ticked off fans and players. But it has to be more than that...Do people really care about the dogs? Do they really care about Michael Vick? Do they really care that he lied? Or, do they only care about the financial implications?

What about the impact of this behavior on the community. Is Michael Vick really a role model to little Jack and Jill? Maybe just to those little boys who want to play football and be the world's greatest quarterback. Or, would little Jack just be encouraged to be like Favre (my all time favorite to be honest) anyway? He's an all American guy. Michael Vick is just a quarterback with quick feet and mad handles. And wait, he's also a strategic thinker. That's what they usually call quarterbacks. Unfortunately, as much as the athletes and celebrities say they are not role models, they are. To much is given, much is required. Maybe parents should be the ultimate role models, but America has taught us well, to idolize athletes, models, actors, actresses, CEO's and the likes. Tough responsibility, but not unattainable.

And whatever happen to the notion of not squealing? Have we become so selfish as human beings that we have to rat out others when we get caught. Man up! Woman up! If you do the crime; suffer the consequences. Why implicate other people for lighter sentences? Ah wait a minute...our legal system encourages that...if you tell, we'll let you off sooner. No folks. I mean no, Black men. At the end of the day, you to are just another black man in jail and your value was diminished the moment someone thought, "If only we can take down the big man on campus." Now, they have you all +1 in jail. Another one bites the dust. T.I. better take note; looks like he's next. Brilliant strategy! Can you call this black-on-black crime? Take a moment and ponder that as you listen to the lyrics in JayZ's latest album. Yes, he gives a few insights about squealers. Let him learn you.

Wow and now PETA has a platform. It never hurts to have free advertising and now there is a great name (celebrity recognition, Michael Vick) to boost the organization's name recognition and plight. The world's most highly paid athlete got caught doing the unthinkable. As I dog lover, I am repulsed by this behavior, but really folks, did this warrant nearly two years in jail. Did the PETA class make Vick more sensitive to animals? I don't think so. And to be honest, neither does going to jail. However, it will make Vick think about the company he keeps or even better, what he could have done to keep it a secret.

I hope this is not just another case in - He's just another Black man, throw him jail. Even if he told the truth, which he should have, the same penalties would have resulted if you look at history. Perhaps some folks are just a little upset that he lied to them. How dare you lie and exhibit defiance? Are you crazy? For that alone, you will go to jail. Michael? Didn't you know the consequences?

They made an example of Vick just like they did with Martha Stewart who did the unthikable. NOT! I bet Michael Vick will think twice about the next set of folks he calls friends. There seems to be no honor among gamblers and dogfighting participants.


Binti said...

Yes this is very sad. Somehow it seems there is a constant reminder that there will always be a glass ceiling for African Americans, no matter what their success. Sad, but seemingly true. Lets see what it will take to break through that glass ceiling. Who would dare? Hmmm.... Will anyone? Only time will tell.

Shawna said...

Bare with me.

Michael Vick really got off easy if you think about it. I'm not saying that I agree with the sentence, because it seems our country cares more about the treatment of animals than we do about HUMAN life. That's just my thought.

Anyway, Vick was facing 5 years behind bars for this. Can you believe that!? 5 years for BANKROLLING this stupid act.

Now get this Vick VOLUNTARILY turned himself in EARLY, perhaps to make himself look better in the eye of the judge, and/or to time his release for the NFLs' 2009 training camp.

Is there anyone out there that thinks the league won't take him back?? Come man, we live in America, the Falcons have and are losing so much money due to his suspension. Since Vicks' ordeal the team has fallen 3-10(current record), their coach unexpectedly QUITS/LEAVES, what the heck else can go wrong? Now that's just the impact his absence has on the team.. think about the league. Imagine how much money they have lost due to his jersey no longer being available?

Ok I'm off my soap box, I was asked to comment on if I thought Vick was being played. So, NO, I don't think he is/was being played, the league and law had to take action because then some would believe ANOTHER Black man has been let off causing even more controversy.

That's just me ;}

JC said...

OK, OK. I know that the whole Michael Vick thing has gotten it's due attention, especially here in Atlanta. And a lot of people have had a variety of differing opinions about his sentence and how this whole mess got started.

My position is this; I have never condoned them blowing this mess out of control like the media and PETA have, however, as any Black professional knows, you have to be FIVE times as careful in this world, and if you fail to abide by the LAW (which applies to EVERYONE) and you get caught, then you have to face the consequences as a matter of course.
In other words, you do the crime, you do the time.

Now, was an example made of Michael Vick? Of course it was. But you have to understand, when you are the MOST HIGHLY PAID person in the NFL and you're BLACK.....PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PAY MUCH MORE CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOU THAN NOT. Plain and simple. Tom Brady could have done the same thing, and wouldn't have gotten the same level of PETA hatred and media coverage that Mike got.

At the end of the day, if it is a federal law, and you break it, they will come looking for you. And if your Black and rich, and on TV, they will ESPECIALLY be waiting for you to screw up (ask Pacman Jones). Nobody said it was fair, 'cause it just ain't a fair world. So the best thing you can do if you happen to fit the above description, is TO KEEP YOUR NOSE CLEAN. Seems to work for Denzel, Oprah, etc. which seems to keep them out of jail. They've both had their fair share of controversy, which comes with the territory, but breaking the law? Not quite.

I don't think that Vick is a bad person, and was he unfairly made an example of? Yep. He made a stupid mistake, and now he's paying for it. Honestly, he won't do the whole 23 months because of good behavior, and there WILL be an NFL team that takes him in once he is done, and the last time I checked, the minimum salary is $285,000 a year. Not bad after serving time, and people tend to forget a past crime with the passing of time and success (ask R. Kelly).

We'll see how he turns out, which won't be long, but this has to be one of the most eye-opening examples of what can happen when one day you're on top, and you think that you can do anything and not get caught, and the next day says the exact opposite. Nobody said it was fair, but it's a reality that in some senses, applies to every Black person, especially if you are successful.

Anonymous said...

Ok, The Real Deal, For those of you dog owners you better do "ear muffs" or duck!

This is some nonsense! Some people take their dogs with them everywhere they go, some people keep their dogs in the back yard on chains, some people sleep with their dogs and others carry them in a purse.

Others still will feed their dog leftovers from the kitchen table, I have even seen people feed the pooch off the plate they will wash and eat off from (better believe I don't eat there).
I have seen people cook a dinner on the stove better than the one they will feed themselves while others buy Eukinema, Alpo,or Kibbles and Bits.

Finally some will let their dogs fend for themselves thru the neighborhood garage cans.

I could care less whatever you do with your dog. If you paid for it, it is yours to do with it as you wish....feed it, love it, hug it, f*ck it, whatever tickles your fancy.

We as a nation are making this out to be a federal offense...OH yeah it is, Again some more dog lovers....

There are more serious issues in our nation than Michael Vick's dog fighting!

Terrible and tragic, I do believe there are children starving in our own country, wifes being battered and killed, children being abused.

We are waging war on a country under the premise that they had weapons of mass destruction but have not recovered any weapons while young americans die! People move on, Dog fighting, Cock fighting, Moonshine, Gambling, and Prostitution is as American as Apple Pie.

So kiss Fido on the head while you read this and tell him if he ever gets out of line or refuses to bring you your slippers. He could always move to Mike Vick home, Im sure they got some room for him.

I'm off to go watch the Mayweather Fight, wonder if I can get arrested for watching two humans beat the shit out each other. Wait!! I guess not! The Goverment has found a way to Tax it, so I guess it's legal.

That's my time.....Hola